Online Banking

Manage your money online, anytime. How 'bout them pineapples?

Fewer lines, more time to hit the beach

  • Check your current account balance
  • Review your past transaction history
  • Set up one-time transfers between KFCU accounts
  • Receive notifications about account activity
  • Access monthly account statements electronically

Check out an overview of Online Banking through this tutorial.

Inside Online Banking

Account Summary

Track important information about all your accounts, certificates, and loans. Access quick summaries and view upcoming payments. You can access additional information about transfers and loan payments through History.

Account Summary Image



Access quick month-to-month views of all account activity. You can run detailed reports and export information, as well.

Account history example image


History Detail

Clicking on a transaction in History displays additional information about the transaction, including date, time, full description and check view, if applicable.

Account history detail example



Manage transfers within one screen. You can schedule one-time transfers within the account.

Example image of account transfer


Transfer to Other Account

Select "Other Account" to see specific accounts and suffix fields when transferring money to another KFCU account.

Account Summary Image


Year to Date

Track all activity from this specific time frame, including dividends, interest, withholdings and late charges.

Account Summary Image


Outstanding NSF 

If you have any nonsufficient funds fees you still need to pay, you will find them here.

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Holds, Pledges and Pending ACH

Easily track these activities and know their status.

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Statements and Documents

All your account-related details are easily accessible.

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Remote Control Cards

Your debit card is always under your control. Use Online Banking to turn off your card temporarily when you don't want it used, or deactivate it if it's been lost or stolen. When you're ready to use your debit card again, activate it quickly. You can change the status and update information anytime.

Account Summary Image


Loan Application

There's no simpler way to apply for a loan than to do it through Online Banking, anytime.

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Secure Message

Need to contact us? This is the most secure method when you're sending us sensitive financial information (e.g. your account number) electronically.

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Notification Center

Customize and view notifications in this location. They will appear on the main screen, but you also can access them through the menu option.

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Keep track of all account activity, as it happens, by setting up specific alerts. Customized alerts arrived via text message or email to notify you when deposits and withdrawals occur, when your balance reaches a certain threshold, and more. Define the alerts you want to receive and change them anytime.

Account Summary Image



Manage all the basics, such as editing your password, changing your username, identifying your default account, adjusting your security settings, and accessing your secure email.

Account Summary Image


Device Management

Register new devices for Online Banking and delete any old devices.

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Update Security Settings

Everything used to safeguard your Kamehameha Federal Credit Union accounts can be managed here, including security contacts, registered devices and security images and questions.

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Wherever the tide takes you, whatever shore you find yourself on--access your KFCU account instantly with our free Online Banking service.

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